Passionately Casual Podcast: Star Wars the Old Republic

Passionately Casual Ep. 36: Theron Lies the Problem

This episode we scour the SWTOR Suggestion Box for ideas we like and discuss them live on the air! We also feature the second installment of Wil Wright’s Star Lores segment exploring the background of Theron Shan and another of Larry Everett’s In Character segments, this time about misconceptions related to role playing. We also feature a discussion of a community Theron Shan eevent on TRE server. Full shownotes, videos and more at


Passionately Casual Ep. 35: A Subreddit of Porgs

Join your hosts Jessie, JT and Sechari plus segments from staffers Larry Everett and Wil Wright as we explore SWTOR and Star Wars in this month's episode. We delve into RP sins, Umbara backstory, and how to moderate a game stream with Lady Daney! And of course, Porgs! Full shownotes on



Passionately Casual Ep. 34: Two Years of Hell–o what have we here?

Catch up with the passionate trio as we dive into patch 5.3 and a great tip of the week. It's our second anniversary episode and we did it LIVE and UNCUT! Full shownotes at


Passionately Casual Ep. 33: Passionately Casual LIVE

This week we record live for the first time on Sechari’s channel We think it worked out pretty well, although there were certainly challenges! As a result, you may find some subtle differences in the quality and sound of this episode. We also feature the second of Larry Everett’s In Character three-part series on the no-no’s of role play, this one on “powergaming” (which JT and Sechari had a lot of fun with). We also have an extensive discussion about toxicity and trolling in the SWTOR community in response to some recent comments on the part of JoeNeverFails. Full shownotes at


Passionately Casual Ep. 32: Fashion Passion

This episode will always be in style! It's our interview with the owner of TOR Fashion/TOR Decorating, Exile! Plus we have a lot of cool extras including a lovely selection of recordings from the Fly Casual Contest and the winners are announced! In addition, hear the latest In Character from Larry Everett! Full shownotes at


Passionately Casual Ep. 31: The Voice of Star Wars

We literally heard the voice of Star Wars in our ears, and now it's your turn. Our interview with acclaimed Star Wars audiobook narrator and voice actor Marc Thompson is here! Full shownotes and links at


Passionately Casual Ep. 30: Smart Water

Lots of changes in SWTOR on the horizon but we know how gamers are, we are like smart water, finding the path of least resistance. We know that doesn't explain the crazy graphic this week but Jessie got carried away by the waterfall. Full shownotes on our BRAND NEW WEBSITE!



Passionately Casual Podcast Ep. 29: Huree Back, Jessie!

With Jessie unavailable this episode but safe in Australia, it’s left to the boys to hold down the fort! We think we did a pretty good job. Our glorious episode graphic is testimony of the fact that we barely scraped by without Jessie!

This week we sit down with Xam Xam and get her impressions of the latest game updates. We also talk about her experience with SWTOR as it has changed directions over the last five years, what it means to stay with the game despite friends moving on, and then about the possibility of them returning now that ops are back. Larry also brings episode 3 of In Character!

Full show notes at


Passionately Casual Ep. 28: Power Up!

Happy 2017, everybody! Our first podcast of the new year features a fabulous interview with Miranda Blu (@Miranda_Blu), a blogger and “possibilitarian” who has a passion for healthy mindsets, healthy habits, and healthy eating -and she’s a gamer to boot! (Trust us, we grilled her on all three). Full shownotes at


Passionately Casual Ep. 27: Five Point…Oh My

We have buckets of news to talk about this episode given the release of the Knights of the Eternal Throne expansion, so stay tuned! Check out the full shownotes at

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